An Introduction


Care Ion Technologist Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian-registered Private Limited company formed since 25th April 1998. Our scope covers:-

  • Inspection & Testing services,
  • Engineering & Maintenance Services,
  • OCTG Maintenance and Services
  • Cargo Handling Equipment
  • Wire Rope Manufacturing, Supply and Certification Services
  • .Manpower Supply and Development Services

We are incorporated with all the characteristic of a young and energetic organization and matured ideas based on lesson learned and seniors experiences. The company was formed in line with our customers demand for a more personalized, professional and comprehensive sales and services.

Our strength rise from the competent, committed and dedicated personnel in the field of works. The efforts shown from top management down to contract workers are always towards achieving the quality and reliability of products produced or services performed. This is further supported by the extensive investment on facilities and equipments.

Finally, the supports from our valued clients, supplies and financial institution have made it possible for us to achieve our company objectives. With the continuing support of all concerned, we believe that we are capable of executing and finishing critical assignments and projects entrusted to us within time fame and budget.

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