NDT & Inspection Services

NDT & Inspection Services

Our Inspection & Testing Division has been providing various Quality Assurance & Inspection services. We are covering extensive scope of QA/QC Related -Inspection & Testing (Non-Destructive Testing) services which include Inspection and Testing Services (Conventional NDT, Advance NDT, Specialized Services), Risk Base Inspection, Corrosion Services, Condition Base Monitoring(CBM), Upstream Consultancy Services and Qualified Professional Technical Support Personnel in various disciplines. All the services mentioned are performed by our qualified and competent personnel and with our own calibrated equipments and machineries. With professional & competent personnel trained by world renowned body of certification, our services are guaranteed to satisfy clients’ needs and requirements.

Conventional NDT

No List of Services Unit Available
Radiography Testing – X Gamma
2 Wall Thickness Measurement Testing 14
Ultrasonic testing Flaw Detector (UTFD)
Ultrasonic B & C Scan
5 Ferrite Level Testing 1
6 Flash Radiography 1
7 Hardness Testing 3
8 Magnetic Particle Inspection various
9 Dye Penetration Testing / Fluorecent various
10 Positive Material Identification (PMI) 2


Advance NDT

 No List of Services   Unit Available
 1  Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)  1
 2  Borroscope/ Remote Visual Inspection  4
 3  Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS)  1
Magnetic Flux Leakage Form Scanning (MFL)


 5  Remote Field Eddy Current Testing (RFET)  2
 6  Thermography Testing Short/ Long Wave  1
 7  Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)  2
 8  Tank Floor Scanning (MFL)  1
 9  Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)  1
 10  Eddy Current Testing (ECT)  2
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